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At Wennovation Hub, we receive applications all year round for startups interested in our incubation, acceleration and investment-readiness programs for startups and founders.

We strive to provide best tech support for startups...

We also work with carefully selected investment ready startups to provide investment through LoftyInc Capital Management and our network of investors.
We reach out to each company within eight weeks of application...

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Here, Imagination Become Reality!

Wennovation Hub is a local initiative to stimulate enterprise development across many sectors. With the Key sectors being Agriculture, Education, Health Care, Clean Energy and Social Infrastructure, the hub has already led to the growth of many ventures through its campuses across Nigeria.

Since our inception in 2011 as an innovation development arm of LoftyInc Allied partners, Wennovation Hub has trained over 9000 youths, with over 300 startup teams incubated and more than 1000 jobs created through the startups. The startups have already raised over $2.5million directly till date.

To understand the impact of what we do at Wennovation Hub, you'll have to follow the story of change in the lives of the youths who walk into our campuses across the country. Most of our "we"nnovators joined us with only ideas and an undying zeal to innovate, but today they are out there creating solving real-life problems, and in the process creating jobs for others.

That's what we do at Wennovation Hub.

Taking You Forward Through Supporing Your Innovations

But, is it just merely thinking out of the box or more than that? Often the word innovation is coined with the betterment of the world so that people can live with joy and prosperity. Imagination is the only thing around here that is taking the world forward.

  • Create a safe haven for innovators to converge and have access to mentors
  • Train innovators to use various tech skills to solve problems in their locality
  • Groom these solutions into viable business ventures and create jobs in the process

We Appreciate Innovations - Be A Part Of Our Journey

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